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Port Overview

Puerto Quetzal, on Guatemala's Pacific coast, serves as a cruise passenger's gateway to the inland attractions of this Central American country. As with most Central American countries, the population centers are located in the more temperate central highlands, rather than along the humid, tropical coasts. Accordingly, Puerto Quetzal, while offering plenty for shipping companies, offers little in the way of attractions for cruise passengers. $10|164$>The tune the town sings has changed from "Where the Boys Are" to "Where the Families Are". Local ordinances, zoning, and massive construction projects have transformed this city by the sea into a prosperous pleasure port, catering to family fun, upscale restaurants, yacht owners, cruise passengers and a fast-growing residential population.

College students, however, were not the city's founders. The United States Army, involved with the Second Seminole War during the 1830s, erected a fort along the New River, naming it after a commander, one Major William Lauderdale. Growth of the region was slow, and not until 1895 did Ft. Lauderdale take on the name of its fort.

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Puerto Quetzal
Port Overview
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